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Chronic stress


Chronic stress

February 10th, 2020 by  / Total comments: 2

Our body-mind complex works in two modes, peace and war mode When emotional brain, amygdala senses any danger, it reacts and the body goes into war mode. In this situation there are feelings of fear or anger.

For example when there is a loud noise, adrenalin gets released into the body to face the danger. Fight or flight mode requires more energy. The energy is created from sugar and oxygen, so more oxygen and sugar is essential. For it breathing rate and blood sugar get increased.Digestion is not priority in this dangerous situation.So redistribution of blood supply happens, the blood supply to the digestive tract get reduced and more blood is supplied to the large muscles. Adrenaline increases heart rate and blood pressure. All these changes are useful to create more energy in muscles and it helps to fight or run away..

This war mode is necessary to get rid of the crisis. All animals have it. But other animals always lives in present moment. They cannot think abstractly of future potential risk. So after the crisis their body get reversed to peace mode .However, human beings always have thoughts about future and memories about past. When we have anxiety, anger or fear because of those thoughts our body changes into war mode. This long term war mode ‘the chronic stress‘ is the culprit of many physical diseases.

Seventy percent of our body’s illnesses are caused by chronic stress, continuous war mode. Probability of such diseases like hypertension, diabetes, migraine is much lower in other animals than human beings.

We have to learn and practice meditation to get rid of psychosomatic diseases. In Ayurved sattvavajay therapy different meditation techniques are used to treat psychosomatic diseases like hypertension, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, body pains and psoriasis like skin diseases.


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