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Learn Sattvavajay

Learn Sattvavajay

Certificate in Ayurved sattvavajay

This is six months distance education course exclusive for BAMS graduates only. Students can do this course in internship also.

This course is recognised by Kavi kulguru Kalidas university extension department.

In this course you will get sixteen ten minutes audio to practice sakshi dhyan ( mindfulness meditation).This meditation work as brain exercise. These are different attention training techniques you may use for your clients according to their symptoms. This attention training is useful to improve dhee, dhruti and smruti. It is necessory for healthy person also. Its regular practice will reduce psychological stress and improve focus with vitality. Sattvavajay therapy is not only curative but also useful for healthy person, that you can experience.

You will get study material by email.You can learn eighteen different techniques which can be used in counselling sessions. You can learn brief neuroscience research showing effects of meditation on brain. You will learn basic concepts of Sattvavajay and their aplication in day to day life by reading this study material. There are different diagnostic scales in the study material. You may use these scales to diagnose anxiety, panic attack or depression. You can learn these disorders with their symptoms and how to priopritize different techniques in different conditions.

Counselling is a skill.Though listening is its important aspect, it is not only listening. You should not give any advice either but ask appropraite questions and motivate client to learn new skills.

There would be two one day workshops in six months to learn counselling skill. We conduct these workshops in Mumbai,Pune, Kolhapur, Aurangabad and Nagpur. If there are more than ten students from any city, we will conduct workshop in that city also.

Though attendance to these workshops is not mandatory it is better to experience them.

After completion of six months there will be online exam.You will get fifty questions by email. Every question will have two marks. These questions are not mcq type. You have to write answers in three to five lines. Examination will be evaluation of your understanding not only memory. Minimum fifty marks are required for passing.After that you will get certificate from Kalidas university extension department.

You can take admission to this course by android app SIPE Mind. Its link is given on home page of this site. After successful online payment of Rs 8000/- ( Rs Eight Thousand only) you will get program in my purchase section of your android app. If you are not using android smart phone, you can take admission and listen audios on

On the app or website you have to first register. Your email address will be your user Id. You can choose password. After registration you can sign in using user Id and password. Then you can see list of seven programs. Sixth program in this list named as PGCAS Kalidas University Recognised Certificate in AYURVED SATVAVAJAY is for the admission. You have to click Buy in front of that program. You will go to payment gateway screen. Fill the address in short but with pincode and do online payment.

If you have any querries please send whats app message to 9146364940 or send email to After completion of this six months course you may participate in research projects to re establish Ayurved Sattvavajay therapy.

Admission of next batch is started.There are limited seats, so confirm your admission as early as possible.

Syllabus of certificate in Ayurveda sattvavajay course

  1. Basic concepts dhee, dhruti, smruti/satva,raj and tam
  2. Objects of mind and their hin, mithya, ati yog (less,wrong and more use)
  3. Ayurvedic concept of Dharaniy veg
    4 धी धैर्य आत्मादी विज्ञान मनो दोष औषधं परम
    Practical implications
  4. Mind body integration Awareness of Self
  5. Breath awareness
  6. Two types of attention focus and open
  7. Body awareness
  8. Thought awareness
  9. Emotions awareness
  10. Types of meditations and their use as therapy
  11. Awareness during activity.Concept of flow.
  12. Brief information about other psychotherapies and uniqueness Sattvavajay
  13. Physical and mental Stress management
  14. Physical diseases due to Manas hetu.
  15. DD of Psychological disorders like GAD, OCD, PTSD, phobias, panic attacks, recurrent depression, chronic fatigue syndrom, conversion disorders
  16. Brief description of psychological disease like schizophrenia, bipolar disease, atatvabhinivesh, Autism, mental retardation
  17. Selection of patient, scope and limits of satvavjay chikitsa
  18. Satvavajay counseling – rapport, empathy
  19. Structuring of counseling sessions
  20. Focus on present and acceptance
  21. Brief description about Neuroscience research, brain heart coupling
  22. De addiction treatment
  23. Special conditions like adolescence, pregnancy and menopause
  24. Using eighteen techniques and patients handouts during Sattvavajay counselling.