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Limitations of Hypnotherapy


Limitations of Hypnotherapy

January 15th, 2020 by  / Total comments: 1

Hypnotism was first used as therapy by Franz Messmer, a German doctor in 1774, and published book on it in 1779. That is why this therapy was named as ‘mesmerism’. According to him, the therapist uses animal magnetism power on the patient and takes the patient to a specific mental state.

In 1880, James Bread, an English doctor, studied it more and called it Hypnosis. He argued that this condition was not due to the magnetic force, but rather to by concentration on suggestions. Hypnosis word was derived from the name of the Greek god of sleep, because hypnosis is similar to sleep.

When a person gets deep sleep, he does not know the surroundings. Even the hypnotized person does not know the surroundings, but is aware of the suggestions given. During sleep one cant understand suggestions , so it is a different condition than sleep.

There are limitations to hypnotherapy. Person’s desire is not enough to get into hypnosis, but tremendous concentration and accepatance to follow the instructions are also required. That is why very few people can get into real hypnosis trance.

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