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De-addiction by Sattvavajay Therapy


De-addiction by Sattvavajay Therapy

February 26th, 2020 by  / Total comments: 10

Modern research suggests that brain chemicals and emotions are interconnected. Level of Dopamine secretion is related to our enthusiasm and excitement. When dopamine in brain increases, we feel exiting or curious and vice versa. Even we can increase our dopamine level by raising curiosity. Getting bored is not always bad, it is motivation for creativity, exploring new options. Boredom has become source of many new territories, art, games and various cuisines.

But sometimes boredom leads to addictions. Some examples such as Alcohol, tobacco, impulsive shopping, compulsive sex, porn, gambling, and social media are caused due to dopamine reward system. These activities stimulate dopamine secretion in the brain for small amount of time and then its level decreases resulting into dullness.To come out of that phase, person tries to repeat same action for relaxation otherwise he feels restless. This condition is called addiction.

The dopamine rewards system is main cause of all addictions. Dopamine stimulates Nucleus accumbens which is a part of the brain. It creates excitement. When dopamine level reduces, nucleus accumbens becomes dormant. It affects person’s excitement and he starts feeling lethargic.He finds solution of this problem by getting addicted to something.

This is where sattvajaya therapy plays an important role. When a person become anxious, he can shift his attention to own body and observe sensations. Accepting those sensations will reduce restlessness and it will help to prevent obsession of doing addictive actions.

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